The Rhythm Positivity Sunrise session 2011
As a main sponsor of “Positivity Camp 2011”, “RHYTHM” joined the crew for a weekend. Sunday morning the RHYTHM Team woke up shortly before sunrise to start “The RHYTHM Positivity Sunrise Session”. With  Christian Weber and Alex Walch.

The RHYTHM Positvity Sunrise Session 2011 from Rhythm Europe on Vimeo.


Positivity Camp 2010
Here is the vibe up at the base camp 2960 meter high
Park your car at 1500 meter and enjoy the awesome 3 hours hike up to 2960 where you ll find a lift, snowpark, god food, good wine, amazing panorama, friendly atmosphere.

Positivity Camp 2010 Alta Val Formazza from Mauro Castellani on Vimeo.


Deeluxe Summer Mission 2010
La prima avventura del Deeluxe sul ghiacciaio del Siedel: con Sebi Muller, Marco Feichtner e René Schnoller. Filmed and edited by Mateo Perez e Maurino Castellani.


Positivity Camp 2009
Positivity 2009, great vibe great snowpark at Rifugio 3A for the love of the poorest people
High Val Formazza Italy. Filmed and edited by Maurino Castellani.

Positivity Snowboard Camp 2009 from Snowbox on Vimeo.


Positivity Camp 2003
Vecchia clip pubblicata su un video in allegato a OnBoard italia e prodotta dalla crew di Snowbox. Music by Floggin Molly.
Filmed by Maurino Castellani and edited by Andrea Giordan.